Grabbing and keeping the audience's attention is key to achieve your goals. Exlore how the platform takes your virtual event to the next level.

Best experience for each stakeholder

  • Event organiser
  • Audience
  • Sponsor/exhibitor

Fully brandable
virtual events

Create your custom event environment and the platform makes it interactive. The audience will be excited exploring the event.

Live, semi-live or
recorded presentations

Mix live, semi-live and pre-recorded presentations to create stunning and exciting streams while you (or your AV partner) are in full control.

Visual networking via
1-on-1 or group meetings

Online networking reinvented. Visual networking triggers audiences to join or start meetings more than ever. We support video chats up to 50 people.

Powerful interactive
virtual booths

Let sponsors share documents, videos and information in their fully branded booth while the stand crew can connect with visitors via text and/or video chat.

Create breakout rooms
up to 50 participants

Breakout rooms allow you to split your audience (automatically or manually) in separate sessions. As host you can switch between sessions at any time.

Secure data
and GDPR compliant

We take protection of personal data very serious and are fully compliant with GDPR standards. Consider us as new best friends of your IT department.

Software as
AND a service

Although is designed as software as a service a customer success manager will be at your side if desired.

Collect valuable
data and insights

A succesful event can only be defined by valuable data. We provide you with all data to be able to create impressive reports for your stakeholders.

Appendee is well known for optimal branding experiences. Designing your event has never been more customisable. Create a stunning event environment and let the magic happen as the platform turns your design into an interactive event.

  • Select the number and type of spaces to create your interactive floor plan. You can add as many spaces as needed. Your audience love to explore what is going on where and when during the event.

  • Via the presentation room(s) you can stream live and/or pre-recorded presentations. The background of presentation rooms are fully customisable to match theming or e.g. promote sponsors.

  • Create a space where people can browse pre-selected content. You decide what videos can be shown. Your audience decides when to watch it. Fair deal isn't it?

  • Getting in touch with industry peers or meet new people has never been easier. Video meetings can vary from 1-to-1 up to 50 peoplein the same meeting. Without having to download special oftware.

  • Give sponsors and exhibitors the attention they deserve. Create sponsor packages bases on visual presence, virtual m², booth design and functionality.

  • Let people take part in workshops and split the audience up into separate groups to start discussions or share experiences. You decide if groups (max 50 pax.) should be create automatically or manually.

  • Give people a comfortable welcome in the reception where they can edit their personal information on their badge, find useful information, FAQ's or send questions to the organisation.

  • Create a wonderful room for scientific poster presentations. Next to rating and downloading posters the audience is able to send a message or ask questions to the authors.

  • While the right audience is attending you might consider to let sponsors and partners share their company's vacancies. Attendees are able to apply instantly.

  • Create a space where people can meet up with industry leaders. The experts or coaches can create 1-on-1 meetings or groups up to 50 people.

  • Present speakers with full bio and let people find out when and where their presentation(s) take place or download white papers or other documents.

  • Floor plans can link to any selected space or you can link it to other floor plans to create an extra dimension. Now you are able to create extra levels or e.g. zoom in to specific parts that lead to targeted content.

  • Found a cool tool or e.g. escape room game somewhere on the web? For third party content you can add the desired service through an iframe space.

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