€ 2.500

incl. 5 spaces*


... - 1.000 € 3,50 p/u
1.001 - 2.500 € 2,50 p/u
2.501 - ... € 1,50 p/u

Extra Spaces

€ 500

per space*


€ 25

Per sponsor / exhibitor

* A space can be anything: Seminar room, floor plan, network area, iFrame content from third parties, a sub event area etc.

With only the event location ( you are of course not there yet. It has to be dressed up and some content has to be recorded or streamed live and of course the event has to be organized.

What do you have to take into account?


Your virtual event location (and any reception area, sub-event locations, etc.) can be designed as an exhibition location, map, shopping street, tropical island. We leave this to your imagination.

These designs (2D, 3D) must of course be made by graphic professionals.

Streaming studio

A (streaming) studio is needed to pre-recorded content or stream live content (seminiar, workshop, etc.). Costs of course depend on which studio you choose, what the facilities are, etc.


Participants must register for your event through online registration solutions. Registered participants can be imported or the online registration software of third parties can be linked to via a so-called API.

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